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Actities Report!

Generally past makes us to perform more better in the future. Hence our activities are recorded which makes us to perform even better.


Awarding Scholarship


In the year 2011-2012, UJA foundation wishes to give much more importance to education side. So, we commence the first programme on 18-07-2011 to provide the scholarship amount to college students, which is conducted at UJA foundation office. This programme was inaugurated by our trustee, Mr. V. Janarthanan, in which 96 students gotbenefits for their studies.


Donating Uniforms, Dictionaries, Plates and Water Purifiers to the Students


Another grant programme has been organized by UJA foundation on 25-07-2011 at Ponmudiyar Government Girls Hr. Sec. School to issue uniforms, dictionaries, plates and water purifiers to the students. Headmistress of the school invited the special guests. Mr. V. Janarthanan gave motivational speech in front of the students in order to accelerate the desire on subjects. Further, he gave 150 uniforms, 260 dictionaries and 200 plates to students. A special big water purifier device has been provided to the school for cleaning the drinking water which enables the students to prevent from most of the diseases. This programme reveals that UJA foundation gives importance to education as well as to health.


Donating Uniforms


After the successful completion of second programme, on the next day, July 26, 2011, our trust conducted the programme at Government Boys Hr. Sec. School, Melur for donating uniforms. In this, Mr. K. Bala Murugan trustee gave 300 sets of uniforms and ten dictionaries to students. Dictionaries help to improve the English knowledge which strengthens students to compete the global world. Headmaster of the school gave vote of thanks.


Donating Uniforms, Plates and Sports Materials


On July 27, 2011, Students welfare programme was organized by UJA foundation at E.V.R.N. Govt. girl's Hr. Sec. School, Madurai, in which Mr. K. Bala Murugan distributed 250 sets of uniforms and 200 plates to students. Further, sports materials like Foot ball, Volley ball net and weight lifting instruments have been provided to students to increase the habit of outdoor games and physical stamina. Finally, headmistress of the school honours the trustee and gives the vote of thank.


Donating Uniforms


UJA foundation conducted another camp for school students on July 28, 2011 at M.M.U.O Primary School, Oomachikulam, Madurai. In this function, Mr. A. Saravana Kumar, social worker participated and provided uniforms for 284 students and 100 plates for students. Further, he encouraged students to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, administrators, economist in future. Finally, Head mistress of the school gave vote of thanks.


Donating Uniforms


On August 2, 2011, trustees of UJA foundation organized the programme in order to develop the basic economic conditions of the students, studied in Government Hr. Sec. School, Aanaiyur, Madurai. UJA foundation invited Mrs. S. Jeevalatha, philanthropist & social worker as chief guest, in which she gave 300 sets of uniforms to students. Then, the programme completed with the vote of thanks given by headmistress.


Donating Uniforms and Notebooks


A special programme was organized and sponsored by UJA foundation at Kakkai padiniyar Govt. girls Hr. Sec. School, Madurai on 4th August 2011. Mrs. S. Sangareswari and Mr. N. Arun Kumar donated uniforms & notebooks to 200 students continued arrangements of academic programmes shows that UJA foundation having strong thirst in the development of educational field.


Donating Blackboards, Cooking Utensils, Dustbins etc.,


On 5th August 2011, another social programme have been conducted by UJA foundation at Masathiyar Govt. girls Hr. Sec. School, Madurai for the purpose of students welfare. Mr. V. Janarthanan inaugrated the function and provided black boards to the school. Further, he gave uniforms to 150 students, cooking vessels to schools for lunch preparation, and dustbins to keep the school clean.


Donating Uniforms ,Plates & Sports Materials

UJA foundation arranged programme on 18th August 2011 at Municipal Primary School, Thiruparankunjram, Madurai, for the students growth in which Mr. K. Balamurugan, trustee, issued uniforms and plates to 298 students. Also, he gave sports materials to school for developing the physical activities from childhood and gave water purifier to the school.


Eye Camp for Children


The tenth programme, a special eye camp, of the financial year 2011-2012 conducted by the UJA foundation with the help of Aravind eye hospital for corporation Middle School, Anuppanadi, Madurai for the children below the age of ten. In this programme, 303 children attended and got benifited. UJA foundation gave free spectacles to 20 children.


Eye Camp for Diabetic Person


On November 14, 2011, World Diabetic Day, UJA Foundation arranged diabetics camp at Agarwal Thirumana Mandram, Munisalai, Madurai. This camp was inaugurated by Mr. S. Natarajan, I. A. S and the following special guests were participated

i. Thiru V. V. Rajan Chellppa, Mayor of Madurai city
ii. Thiru. Gopala Krishnan, Asst. Mayor of Madurai city
iii. Thiru. Kumar, Councilor.
Mr. V. Janarthanan welcomed all the social guests came to the camp. Doctors from Aravind eye hospital examined the patients and found that out of 427 participated 128 persons were affected by diabetic. Doctors provided medicines to the 128 persons and explained about the control and maintainence of diabetics.


Eye Camp with Surgery


UJA foundation arranged free eye camp on 20th November, 2011 at Govt. Girls Hr. Sec. School, Ramnad for the general public of Ramnad town, which is inaugurated by S.K.G.Sekar, Municipal chairman of Ramnad town by lighting the lamp. More than 280 persons attended the camp voluntarily, in which 32 persons identified with severe problem and sent to Aravind eye hospital for surgery. After completing the surgery, Mrs. S. Jeevalatha went to hospital asking the health condition of beneficiaries and gave the fruits to them.


Eye Camp and Donating Spectacles


On 3rd December 2011, another free eye camp was organized by UJA foundation with the tie-up of Aravind eye hospital at Municipal Elementary School, Vazhapadi, Salem. 435 persons participated in this camp out of which 98 persons were provided free spectacles. On the next day, Mr. K. Balamurugan, trustee of UJA foundation, visited the hospital to give moral support to beneficiaries and provided fruits.