Diabetes Prevention

We focus on diabetes prevention through lifestyle changes. Being careful of what one eats and by doing some physical exercise, including going for a morning stroll, could substantially reduce the risk of ..

Actities Report!

Generally past makes us to perform more better in the future. Hence our activities are recorded which makes us to perform even better.


Diabetes Retinopathy Screening Camp


On 14-05-2010, UJA Foundation and Aravind Eye hospital organized free diabetes retinopathy screening camp at Muthu Meenakshi Thiruman Mandram, Madurai-2. This programme was inaugurated by Mr. V. Janarthanan, trustee of UJA foundation. About 232 patients were benefited from the camp.


School Uniforms and other equipments to students


UJA foundation conducted the programme of free distribution of uniform, notebooks, plates, and utensils to students. This programme was inaugurated by Mr. V. Janarthanan and Mr. N. Arun Kumar. In this function, Mr. Jebastin, Commissioner of Madurai Corporation, Mr. Baskaran, PRO of Madurai Corporation, and Mrs. Ponni, Assistant Education Officer of Madurai Corporation issued cheque to the students who got first two places in 10th standard and 12th standard in the state level. About 524 students were benefited through the programme. Mr. V. Janarthanan gave plates and utensils to students, while Mr. N. Arun Kumar gave uniforms to students.




UJA foundation conducts one more programme on 11-07-2010 to issue the scholarships to students those who are poor but eager in studies. The scholarship amount has been issued by Mr. N. Uma Sankar, Mr. N. Arun Kumar, Mr. V. Janarthanan, and Mrs. S. Sangareswari at the place of UJA foundation office. Nearly 84 students getting benefit from the programme.



Cooking Vessels & Blackboards to School


On August 17, 2010, UJA foundation organized a programme for the purpose of providing cooking vessels and black boards to Kakai Padiniyar Girls Hr. Sec. School, Chokkikulam, Madurai-2, cooking vessels and black boards have been donated and handovered to the Headmaster of the school. So that, more than 500 students studied in that school got benefited.


School Uniforms and other equipments to Students


Our trust highly interested in helping and motivating the students to learn more and more. In this way, UJA foundation conducted another programme on 04-09-2010 at corporation Masathiyar girls Hr. Sec. School, Madurai to issue the uniforms, plates, and dustbins. The whole programme was engaged by our trustees Mrs. Sangareswari and Mr. N. Arun Kumar.


Eye Camp - Eye Surgery


UJA foundation and Aravind eye hospital joined together and organized an eye camp on 18-09-2010 at Aanaiyur Government Hr. Sec. School, Madurai. Mr. Kumaravel, Asst. Commissioner of police, Madurai inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamps. Mr. V. Janarthanan, Trustee, participated and encouraged the programme. More than 250 persons participated in the eye camp out of which 43 persons were identified with severe problem and sent to Aravind eye hospital for the operation. After the completion of surgery, Mr. V. Janarthanan went to the hospital and gave fruits to the patients admitted through UJA foundation.



Eye Camp - bestows spectacles


On September 25, 2010 eye camp bas been conducted for children below the age of ten at the place of Kannaiah Muthammal Thirumana Mahal, Sellur, Madurai, which is inaugurated by Mr. V. Janarthanan in which more than 300 children checked by doctors from Aravind eye hospital. The camp bestows spectacles to the eye's of 32 children.


Diabetes Retinopathy Screening Camp


UJA foundation together with Aravind eye hospital conducted diabetes retinopathy screening camp on the occasion of world diabetes day. On 11th November, 2010, Mr. K. Bala Murugan, one of our trustee inaugrated the camp. Out of 420 persons 32 were identified as diabetics and referred for laser surgery in Aravind Eye Hospital. From this camp, UJA foundation created awareness on diabetes disease among people and doctors gave awareness about prevention of diabetes.


Donating doors to School Toilets

On 18th November 2010, UJA foundation donated doors to the toilets of the Government Hr. Sec. School, Aanaiyur, Madurai.


Eye Camp for Diabetic Persons


In most of the cases, prolonged disease of diabetes would affect the pupil in eyes. So that, UJA foundation organized a special eye camp for those who are suffered by diabetes. More than 150 persons got benefited from the programme.


Eye Camp for Teachers & Parents


UJA foundation and Aravind eye hospital organized free eye camp on 5th January 2011 for parents and teachers at Capron Hall Girl's Hr. Sec. School, Madurai. 173 persons got spectacles in the camp out of the participation of 470. Head master and all other teaching faculties are participated in the camp.