Diabetes Prevention

We focus on diabetes prevention through lifestyle changes. Being careful of what one eats and by doing some physical exercise, including going for a morning stroll, could substantially reduce the risk of ..

Health Services!

A famous proverb is "Health is wealth". A person having good health can achieve anything in the world. Sound health condition can form a sound and steady mind and vice-versa. UJA foundation always believes that "Prevention is better than cure". So, we conduct frequent eye camps and Diabetes camps and many have benefited from it. Health programmes conducted by UJA foundation.

Our Services

  • Free Diabetes Camp
  • In the modern world, most of the persons are suffering from diabetics. Wrong food habits, nature of work and avoiding physical excercise are the major cause for diabetics entering in the human body. We have organized many diabetic camps for the benefits of the people.

  • Free Eye Camp
  • Eye camps are organized and conducted jointly with Aravind eye hospital, Madurai. For the last three years, more than 5000 persons have got benefited through our programmes.

  • Blood Donating Camp
  • So many injured patients in the road accident dies due to non-availability of right blood at right time. Further procurement of blood would save the human from unexpected circumstance. Knowing the importance we are intend to conduct the camp.

  • General Check-Up
  • Apart from eye camp and diabetic camp, UJA foundation have planned to conduct the general health check-up once in three months for people to monitor the pulse rate, blood pressure, weight, level of salt in urine and blood test.

Our Services

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