Diabetes Prevention

We focus on diabetes prevention through lifestyle changes. Being careful of what one eats and by doing some physical exercise, including going for a morning stroll, could substantially reduce the risk of ..

Educational Services!

Welfare to Students by giving Notebooks, Dictionaries, School Uniforms, Utensils to Schools, Sports Items to Schools and by Repairing School Building, Toilets etc., Helping hands of UJA Foundation to Students.

Donating Uniforms

Uniforms eliminate the partiality of rich and poor. Money prevents them from wearing good clothes and in some cases from paying tution fees. Hence, we take care those students and help to improve their standard of life.

Donating Note Books

Note books are tools for students of all grade. They are used to organize student's work and may help to connect parents to their children's school. Those living under poverty line are unable to buy the note books. Hence, UJA Foundation provides note books to such students as donation. Till now, 1600 students are benefited by UJA Fondation.


UJA Foundation provides scholarships to students who are coming under the poverty line. It helps students to continue their studies without any break in school life. We know that maternal milk constitutes a complete food and such mother's milk is very rich in providing vitamins, proteins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Like that, UJA Foundation plays a vital role in providing education to student's for formative development and will shape the child into learner, thinker and social being. Upto Dec. 2011, we have conducted 13 programmes in schools to provide uniforms & scholarships.


Cooking Vessels & Water Purifiers

Healthy food improves the health and mind of the students. UJA Foundation provides cooking vessels and water purifiers to the schools.



Dictionary is a very important tool for every student. UJA Foundation gives dictionary to the students with an objective to build up their vocabulary.


Sports Materials

UJA Foundation encourages sports. Sports gives fitness to the students and sharpens their mind. UJA foundation supports the sports persons by sponsoring sports materials like foot ball, volley ball, net, balls, weight lifting machine etc.,


Computer Classes

Realising the fact that now a days nobody can do anything smoothly without computer knowledge, UJA foundation involved in conducting computer classes for school boys, girls, home makers, and to the general public


School Infrastructure

Rehabilitation of Infrastructure facility

Cleanliness of school atmosphere would give the good attitude in the student's behavior. So that we takes care in the environment of school. The above photo shows that we carried out the repair work at Jawaharpuram school on 08-07-2009.


School Infrastructure

Black board & Other Furniture

UJA foundation wishes that each and every tool and material should be in perfect condition. Because they play vital role in teaching. Hence, UJA foundation donates black boards, cooking vessels, water purifiers, toilet doors and dustbins, etc.,